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Always Challenge Yourself

August 26, 2009

I never thought I would make it past 3 miles.  I’m not a long distance runner.  If I would qualify myself as a runner at all, it would be as a sprinter.  But I do constantly challenge myself physically.  I push.  I am stubborn.  And I didn’t like the fact that my 50 year old mother could run three miles and I couldn’t even run one.  So I got out and began running.  I don’t use an mp3 player.  I simply use my stubbornness and desire to get in shape to push forward.

When I mapped out my intended route this morning, I had 2.75 miles to run.  This was already a “push” since until that point, I had only been able to run 2.4 miles.  I find it absolutely necessary to have an idea of where I am going and how far I will have to run before I go.  I think that perhaps this gives me a mental map of where I am and where I have to go when I am actually running so that I can judge my progress.  Toward the end of my run, I was feeling good.  So much better than the previous three or four runs I have gone on lately.  So I decided that 2.75 miles wasn’t enough and that I wanted to push myself further.

So I did.  And to my surprise and delight, this push not only put me past the 3 mile mark, but also right on the 3.2 mile mark which is the distance I have been working toward.  I have been aiming for this distance for a couple months.  I just never expected to reach it this soon.  But I got there by challenging myself and by engaging in positive self talk – “Yes, I can.”

And if I can do it, so can you.  Give yourself a challenge.  You might be surprised with what you accomplish.

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  1. jnylyn78 permalink
    August 26, 2009 3:00 pm

    Way to go!!


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